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This site is not like Lending tree and other Mortgage Websites on the Internet that take your information and sell you off to other mortgage companies that causes your phone to ring endlessly off the hook, if you know what I mean. Our site deals with only one loan officer and he is the best. My story is that I needed cash fast to survive and the only way I could was to refinance my house. I tried several mortgage companies and was turned down and I thought I was going to loose everything I worked for all my life and then I met the “VERY BEST” mortgage loan officer in the world. He went way out of his way to get me approved and also found the best deal for me. He kept me informed every step of the way and actually cared about me and my family and made sure I was comfortable with the final loan outcome and best of all he gave me three options of loans that best fit my needs. I have refinance my house 3 times over the years and I have never met a more caring mortgage loan officer like the one you will meet if you just fill out the simple form and here what he has to say. The best thing is there is no risk at all. You will be happy that you did. If you do not know all the answers to the questions below just leave that spot blank that simple.

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