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The Ultimate Home Mortgage Kit
Every Home Buyer should have this kit in hand before purchasing any property  

*Are you confused about Home Mortgage loans and want a simple explanation ?

*Would you like to save thousands of dollars off of your home loan ?

*Do you want to avoid being fooled by your lender ?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then our Home Mortgage Kit is an absolute must for you. It can help you figure out the ins & outs of home loans while saving you thousands of dollars

For many of us, the single biggest financial transaction is buying a house. Even more significant than the hefty down payment we fork over is the 15- to 30-year mortgage that needs feeding every month. If you have this much at stake, a little knowledge can go a long way, which is why we compiled The Ultimate Home Mortgage Kit for consumers such as yourself.

It provides many mortgage tips, tricks, & techniques for anyone who is contemplating a mortgage. The guide tells you how to evaluate your creditworthiness, determine your borrowing power, and shop for a lender, as well as covering the various types of loans. We also devote a section to refinancing and discuss what you should consider when prepaying a loan

Every home buyer should know and understand the critical information contained in this toolkit.


  How To Choose the Best Home Mortgage for You

How To Determine How Big a Mortgage You Can Afford

How To Decide Between a Fixed-Rate and Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

How To Determine How Much to Offer on a Home for Sale


How To Borrow Funds for a Down Payment for a Home

How To Buy a Home With Poor Credit

How To Buy a Home for Zero Down

How To Purchase Homes in Foreclosure

How To Assume a Mortgage

How To Do a Lease-Option on a Home

How To Find a First-Time Buyer's Program for a Home Loan

How To Get Federal Housing Grants

How To Get Seller Financing for a Home

How To Get a Balloon Mortgage

How To Get a Negative Amortization Loan

How To Get a Reverse Mortgage

How To Get an FHA Loan

How To Save Big Bucks on Your Mortgage

How To Calculate Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

How To Calculate Your Loan-to-Value Ratio

How To Lock in Interest Rates for a Home Loan

How To Calculate the Costs of Refinancing Your Home

How To Estimate Closing Costs

How To Fill Out a Home Loan Application

How To Get Private Mortgage Insurance

How To Refinance Your Home

and much, much more ...


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