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Have a look at what some clients have said about our Home Mortgage Kit :

I bought your kit and I was amazed of how much I saved and I didn't know a lot about mortgages before I read this guide. I purchased it to learn more about any and all types of mortgages, and I wasn't disappointed. This kit covers all necessary terminology, even the most basic (which is great for beginners like me). I also found a mortgage broker by filling out your form and WOW, he was great and he is my best friend now.. What a life saver... I thought no one will be able to do my loan with my credit and low income, but my broker did find someone. signed: L Johnson

If you are contemplating buying a home, then this book is a must. Everything is in here. So complete. I followed this advice in buying my own home. It works and saved me a bundle.

After I applied the information in your mortgage kit the mortgage official that originated my loan application was amazed at how much I knew about the matter (if she only knew). Seriously, if you want to get the deal that benefits you the most, then get this kit and save hundreds and maybe thousands on closing costs and interest rates during the life of your loan.

The process of buying a home is surely daunting and your mortgage kit is very helpful on clarifying the scene before you get into the game without knowing what is going on around you. Although the market has changed a bit lately with interest-only loans and other new lending products, this guide really provided us with the fundamentals of dealing with mortgage brokers and will help anyone decide for themselves, what is right for their situation.

Your mortgage kit really prepared me to know what questions to ask and how to get my credit, income, and bills in shape before I put in my loan application. Although I took out a new loan, this guide goes into assumptions, seller financing, and other financing choices that I didn't know much about. I think a lot of people looking to buy might find these alternatives worthwhile. Overall, a profitable read. Many thanks !!!


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